The Best Unique Trophy and Award Ideas

A wide variety of award options are available, but what makes a trophy or award truly unique? The following article discusses the various options, including metal in award ideas, Bobblehead trophies that have movement and ‘Make it Golden’ trophies that are plated in actual 24-karat gold. If you’re looking for a unique trophy or award, look Award Trophies Australia. This article includes a wealth of information.

Bobblehead trophies feature movement

Bobblehead trophies feature movement, which is sure to make them a hit with crowds of any age. The wrestling bobblehead trophy will make the trophy-buying process fun for the whole team, from children to parents. It features a boy figure ready to kick a soccer ball, and the engraving plate will allow you to write your own message on the trophy. They’re also perfect for soccer matches and can be ordered in ten business days or less.

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Metal incorporated into award ideas

If you are looking for award ideas that highlight the use of metal, consider the Metal Architecture Design Awards. This competition celebrates innovative use of metal in architecture, and its materials are provided by MCA members. Categories include the best use of metal composite materials, single-skin metal walls, and retrofit, best use of metal roofing, and solar integration with metal. Here are some award ideas for your next event! We hope you’ll find one that suits your style!

The design can dictate which type of metal to use. For example, bronze is harder than pewter, and can be finished to a higher degree. For sculpture award ideas that feature sharp edges and geometric shapes, bronze may be better. Conversely, pewter is softer than bronze, and is a better choice for fluid, organic shapes. To find the right metal for your award idea, take a look at the different types of metal available and decide which one is right for your project.

3D etching is a new way of creating things

Engraving a trophy with intricate detail is a very elegant way to present your prized possessions. With 3D etching, you can choose any image that you like and the laser engraving process will create a beautiful image inside the award or gift. No logo is too small or too large, and 3D etching can create a high-quality etched image in any shape or size.

The 3D etching process requires close proximity to the area that is to be etched. If you are further away from the plaque, the sandblasting will spread the material and smudge the stencil. However, this new method is a great way to create a unique trophy or award. This method works best on glass or crystal. Unlike laser engraving, 3D etching doesn’t require a high-end printer.

‘Make it Golden’ trophies are plated with actual 24-karat gold

‘Make It Golden’ trophies are 3D-printed and plated with actual 24-karat gold. These awards are a great way to motivate employees and boost company morale. The ‘Gold Standard’ trophy is an enduring symbol of the awards’ success. It has been awarded to several celebrities and companies over the years, and is now available to corporate America.

‘Make it Golden’ trophies contain actual 24-karat gold, but the Oscars are not 100% gold. They are only coated with the precious metal. The 94th Annual Oscar will feature performances from the A-list and the ‘EGOT,’ which stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, which was conceptualized in 1984 by actor Philip Michael Thomas.

‘Make it Gold’ trophies are made from actual 24-karat gold, and weigh between eight and twelve pounds. They are also made from an alloy called Britannium, which contains 93 percent tin, five percent antimony, and two percent copper. Unlike silver medals, gold-plated awards contain enough gold to be recycled profitably. In addition to the gold, these awards are also attractive.


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