Corrugated metal roofs have been in vogue since the 1950’s. They are durable, economical and attractive. The most striking feature of corrugated metal roof texture is its corrugated edge pattern which provides maximum strength and stiffness. This unique edge texture on the corrugated metal roof is made by the rolling process. This method of Exclusive Metal Roofing increases the life of the corrugated metal roof texture by offering it greater resilience to stress and impact. The corrugated texture may be of various different textures as per your requirements.

USAGEinformation. Photo “corrugated metal roof texture” can be utilized for commercial and personal purposes as per the terms of the purchased Royalty free license. The photo is available for immediate download at high resolution level up to 5376x 3871. The corrugated roof texture can be used as an exterior and interiors model for flat roofs, sloped roofs, gable roofs, multi-story buildings and industrial buildings.

The unique texture of corrugated metal roof is ideal for increasing the life of the roof and also for improving its aesthetic appearance. It can be easily maintained with soap and water wash or by using pressure cleaning techniques. For the purposes of residential buildings it is ideal to paint the corrugated texture with a flat finish asphalt paint. However care should be taken that no solvent such as oil or grease should adhere to the corrugated texture paint.

Corrugated texture coatings are available in several standard colors and customized colors are also available. Most textured, corrugated metal roofing materials are galvanized and after applying the coating they must be allowed to cure thoroughly. This usually takes several days to one month. Once the corrugated metal roof has cured properly then a flat washer is used to smooth out the smooth flat surface of the texture coat. Some additional treatments may be required if the corrugated texture coating is applied over a matte finish roof.

Most of the corrugated metal roofing systems can also be painted. If this is the case, it is necessary to use high quality paint that is specifically designed for corrugated metal roof systems. The paint should be applied with a paint spraying gun with an orbital sander. It is important that all the components of the corrugated metal roof system are flat and smooth. If not, the paint will not adhere properly to the roof system and will not provide a smooth finish.

The corrugated roofing texture can also be applied with a pressure washer. This process is commonly known as ‘rapid painting’. This procedure is often very quick and efficient. It is however important to make sure that there are no obstructions on the way to the spray head or spray. When using this technique, it is crucial to make sure that you are going to be working in a well ventilated area. It is also necessary to follow all the safety precautions while working with a pressure washer.