How to Choose the Right Challenge Coin Manufacturers

There are many people who get confused when they hear the term “challenge coin,” because there is no actual challenge coin production process that these people are referring to. The fact is, many Hero Industries challenge coin manufacturers advertise themselves as challenge coin manufacturers when in reality they are just middlemen who take orders for coins and then turn around and turn those orders over to overseas coin mints. They don’t actually make the coins. They don’t handle the coins either. They are essentially middlemen who get your order, process the order, and forward it on to the company that actually makes the challenge coin.

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What kind of company produces these? There are several companies out there, but two of the more common are Philadelphia Group and International Business Machines. Philadelphia Group is a large, publicly traded company that has various manufacturing facilities all over the world. They are particularly well known for making some of the most highly prized coins in the world, including the American Eagle coin, which is one of the most popular challenge coins. They also deal with commemorative coins and other products.

IBA is a much smaller company that is only known for their coin designs. They have been dealing in the challenge coins industry since the mid-1990s, so their designs are really quite unique. Many of their customers are people who order custom challenge coins from other companies, and they will use IBA as a middleman in order to make sure that the coins they ordered get made and sent to them. Their designs tend to be quite bland, but their quality work tends to outshine the competition.

In the mid-2000s, there was a problem for the military challenge coin manufacturers as well. Many of their customers were not getting their military coins as they had ordered them. This was due to a number of problems, such as poor shipping conditions, but also it was because many of the military coins that the customers had ordered fell victim to the “foulest of breeds”. They had become too common.

In order to combat this, many of the challenge coin manufacturers decided to go private again. This was better for everyone, since there was no longer a problem getting their coins to their customers, and they could also customize their orders as well. Customizing the order is crucial, because you want your coin to be exactly what you want. If you’re working with a custom coin maker, then you can specify the size, weight, material, and any other aspect of the challenge coin that you want to be sure your customer gets.

When looking for a good custom challenge coin manufacturer, you need to make sure to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation. There are plenty of them out there, and many of them have been in business for years. They are used to dealing with customers who have military experience, and you’ll have to be sure to choose one that has a reputable reputation. Look for reviews on the Internet and talk to other people who have bought custom challenge coins. If you do your research before you make your order, you should be able to find the right custom challenge coin manufacturer.


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