RMIT University Copyright Agency Writers-in-Residence program


The 2009–2012 RMIT Writers-in-Residence program saw a dynamic range of Australian writers visit RMIT University. Each resident made a significant contribution to staff and students in the School of Media and Communication through workshops, guest lectures and master classes. Nine practitioners,
working across a range of writing disciplines, took up residence at RMIT for the equivalent of one-month full time one full-time month.

Writers in this series included: Drusilla Modjeska, Chloe Hooper, Robert Dessaix, John Tranter, Lisa Gorton, Nam Le, Ana Kokkinos, Hannie Rayson and Kim Scott.

The primary outcome of the Writers-in-Residence program was to provide financial, creative and collegial support to Australian writers to work full-time on their writing practice. In return, each writer contributed to writing and
teaching activities and initiatives of the university. Each writer contributed enormously in their own way to the creative and professional development of staff and students, as well as to making a valuable contribution to Melbourne’s broader literary life.

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program can be found here:

RMIT University Copyright Agency StoriesNOW 2012–2013

Alice Pung

StoriesNOW 2012–2013 consisted of two parts: the Bedell NonfictioNow
International Conference and the StoriesNOW Creators-in-Residence program.

The StoriesNOW Creators-in-Residence program hosted four creative practitioners – whose work ranges across literary fiction and nonfiction, visual arts, feature writing and/or playwriting – for the equivalent of a one-month full-time residency in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. 

Artists included: Linda Jaivin, Alice Pung, Christos Tsiolkas and Mandy Ord.

Creators-in-Residence undertook a range of activities targeted at students and staff at RMIT as well as a number of public events, including public ‘in-conversations’, mentorships, master classes, keynote lectures, workshops, artist talks, guest lectures, ‘drawing jams’, and private one-on-one engagements with students and staff.

Visit StoriesNOW Creators-in-Residence program for more information about the program, including a podcast of ‘An Intimate In-Conversation: Christos Tsiolkas with Sian Prior’, an event co-hosted by RMIT University and the State Library of Victoria, that was a culmination of Christos Tsiolkas’s month-long residency at RMIT as part of StoriesNOW.


Co hosted by RMIT University and the University of Iowa, NonfictioNow 2012 was one of the most significant gatherings of writers, teachers and readers of nonfiction from around the world. Three full days of panels, exhibitions and public events centred on the practice,
thinking, communication and writing of nonfiction in all its forms.

Featured keynote speakers included Jose Dalisay, Helen Garner, Margo
Jefferson and David Shields.

Panellists included Robyn Archer, Mira Bartok, Tony Birch, Peter Bishop, Mary
Clearman Blew, David Carlin, Alison Croggan, Paul Daley, Jose Dalisay, Adrian
Danks, Sherre DeLys, Peter Doyle, Patricia Foster, Andrew Fowler, Helen
Garner, Ross Gibson, Marion Halligan, Chris Hammer, Robin Hemley, Pam
Houston, Margo Jefferson, Evelyn Juers, Benjamin Law, James Ley, Paul
Lisicky, Bret Lott, Kim Mahood, Shane Maloney, Anne Manne, Adrian Miles,
Kathryn Millard, Meg Mundell, Gina Perry, Leila Philip, Sian Prior, Alice Pung,
Francesca Rendle-Short, Matthew Ricketson, Julianne Schultz, David Shields,
Jeff Sparrow, Cheryl Strayed, Maria Tumarkin, Jen Webb, Geordie Williamson,
Tony Wright, Xu Xi, Arnold Zable and many more.

Participants had the opportunity to listen to and take part in conversations on:
the beauty and politics of contemporary essay writing; ethics in memoir and
the line between fiction and nonfiction; graphic narratives, radio, film, visual art,
online works and nonfiction poetry; the role of the media in democracy;
crime, food and travel writing; and stories bound to landscapes and places
near and far: from Alaska to the Philippines, to our own city of literature,
Melbourne… and much more besides.

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Recordings and video footage of the NonfictioNow conference 2012 keynotes and panel sessions can be found here: